COVID-19 | In the Prime Ministerial Decree issued on April, 26th 2020 the measures to be adopted in Phase 2 effective from May, 4th 2020

Yesterday evening, the President of the Council of Ministers signed and then illustrated the new decree (DPCM) regarding the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency caused by Coronavirus, valid from May 4th 2020 and for the following two weeks.

The full text of the DPCM in Italian language published on the Government's website may be found at the following link ( document is expected to be published in the Official Gazette.

From May, 4th 2020, manufacturing activities, construction activities, real estate brokerage and wholesale trade should be allowed to resume their normal activities. From April 27th 2020 (ie from today) all those operations that can be considered mandatory for the reopening such as the sanitization of environments and for the safety of workers shall be carried out by the industrial sectors above mentioned. The complete list of eligible activities is provided in the  Annex to the aforementioned DPCM.

As far as catering activities are concerned, in addition to home delivery, the pickup of the meal to be consumed at home or in the office should be allowed.

Travelling within the same shall be permitted according to  specific reasons: work, health, necessity or visit to relatives. Travelling outside the Region where someone is based shall be authorized for reasons of work, health, emergency and returning to one's own home.

The use of protective masks on public transport is mandatory.

The access to public parks shall be permitted as long as social distance is maintained and as long as the regulation in the entrance flow to children's play areas is performed, notwithstanding the  right given to Mayors to preclude the access if it is not possible to enforce safety regulations.

The celebration of religious ceremonies such as funerals shall be admitted, provided that only first degree and second degree relative attend the funeral  up to a maximum of 15 people. Additionally, within the next few days, a protocol should be prepared to allow the participation of the devotees to liturgical celebrations provided that conditions of maximum safety are met.

Stricter rules for those with temperature above 37.5 degrees and respiratory symptomatology are required: obligation to stay at home and inform their doctor.

In order to allow a gradual resumption of sports activities, from May 4th 2020, training sessions behind closed doors of individual sports athletes shall be consented.

Source: Press release of the President of the Council of Ministers

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