Covid-19 Resource Center

The Coronavirus emergency, in addition to the obvious and serious health implications, is causing disruptive ripple effects in private and social lives, as well as in the economic and productive sphere of our nation. The pandemic nature of the spread has definitely put the entire world economy in check, contributing to create negative expectations, destabilizing financial markets, damaging supply chains, reducing industrial production and drastically lower the turnover of various sectors.

RSM in the many countries where it is present wants to support its customers in the face of a widespread climate of legal and regulatory uncertainty and to still guarantee compliance and continuity.

Even in Italy, RSM Studio Palea Lauri Gerla doesn’t stop and tries every day to assist its clients so that they can better manage this difficult situation.

So we have therefore decided to dedicate a special area of ​​our website to collect all the information that we consider relevant in tax, legal, labor law, financial and macroeconomic matters. We will do this by trying to filter, compress and interpret the legal texts and various authoritative sources, Italian and not, so that our information is as intelligible as possible and immediately useful for decision-making processes.

We will try to keep this section constantly updated but the complexity and the continuous and sudden evolution of the topics covered cannot be a guarantee of completeness and full synchrony of what we publish.

For any information request, please contact your RSM reference professional.

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