RSM new visual identity 2024 and news on our social media channels


Today is extremely important for the entire RSM community worldwide, as we are celebrating the launch of our new visual identity, a crucial step in RSM's growth and consolidation as one of the most prestigious entities in the global landscape of professional services for businesses.  In recent years, our visibility has grown worldwide, thanks to our logo, our colors and distinctive style that highlights what we love to call "our people." However, every growth journey involves evolution, and as an organization sensitive to change and development as we have always been, we understood that our appearance and how we are perceived externally needed to be "refreshed" to remain modern, vibrant, and aligned with the values that govern our daily actions. 

To be well-prepared for the challenges posed by an ever-changing world, increasingly complex market dynamics, a rapidly advancing digital transformation, and to fully achieve our ambitious business goals globally, we have chosen to revitalize our image. This involves revitalizing our look and feel to better represent who we are and why we are different.

In the new visual identity, our people remain the protagonists, with a completely revamped photographic style. Additionally, a new graphic element, the "Pattern of Progress," has been introduced. It originates from the DNA of our logo and develops by concealing a path of growth and continuous discovery with our clients. It represents a journey of constant research, genuine understanding of their needs, and the development of innovative, personalized, and even unique solutions. A path of progress that naturally evokes digital iconography and the discontinuity of a complex and dynamic world.  

But that's not all. The ongoing major changes, our global growth, and the affirmation of our identity in Italy have led us to broaden our horizons and complete the journey, initiated several years ago, toward the creation of a professional entity progressively adopting organizational models, skills, processes, and tools typical of a modern and international consultancy.  Today, Tax, Legal & Advisory Services of RSM in Italy has a single home with a new and large headquarters in Milan, Via Tiziano, new prestigious offices in central Via Barberini in Rome, and new spaces in the center of Turin. A shared home that strengthens the role and specialization of its components, enabling an agile and modern response to the complexities of a world that continually presents new challenges. 

In this scenario, we believe it is appropriate for our LinkedIn channel to become an expression of this convergence into a single large entity representing and enhancing each single reality which it is made of. Starting today, our channel changes its name to RSM Italy Tax Legal & Advisory, while continuing to be the voice of RSM Studio Tributario e Societario, our professional association that remains the reference for our clients in the field of tax advisory services.    

#TakeChargeOfChange #EnjoyOurBrandEvolution