We assist our clients in full respect of their history, not replacing their trusted advisor but enriching their skills in order to provide outstanding services that produce tangible results in terms of compliance, risk reduction and performance maximization 

Effectively managing individual assets can be extremely costly. It is necessary to be constantly updated on regulations, types of investment and returns. And the complexity is amplified when business crosses national borders. 

At RSM we work with a wide range of private clients - individuals with high net worth, wealthy families, entrepreneurs and top managers. We are able to put at our disposal our solid experience and a professional background of knowledge always up with the times. We help them to protect, enhance and manage their wealth, plan their financial future, minimize risks and turn the threats of non-compliance or excessive burden of taxation in different countries into real opportunities. Our experts work constantly alongside clients and their professional consultants, especially in the financial field. 

We believe that wealth management is by definition multidisciplinary, having to take into account extremely several aspects that require at the same time differentiated expertise. Information and decisions must therefore necessarily be shared between the various subjects involved in the management of individual and family assets. 

Our team is particularly expert in all the issues connected to the management of family assets succession and is able to support our clients taking into account the various tax implications (including transnational ones), asset management and protection, economic valuations, business continuity and generational transitions, personal implications (relationships, expectations, balances). 

Our approach starts from meticulous analysis of capital and financial assets, fiscal issues in terms of compliance, succession matters and then to outline corrective and evolutionary scenarios. These outlooks will be economically advantageous and compliant with civil and fiscal regulations and pursue expectations, dreams, fears and uncertainties of our clients. 

The goal is to build lasting trust relationships with them, based on maximum confidentiality and the search for long-term well-being.