Audit and Assurance

Audit and assurance are essential to the compliant operation of any organization. It demands a sound process and thorough examination of corporate finances to guarantee nothing is left to chance. But it can also be a complex procedure that requires external, expert support. That is where RSM Japan and our financial auditing and assurance services can deliver. 

Our audit services are designed with numerous aims in mind. The first of which is the security of your business. All our advice and solutions are guided by our comprehensive knowledge of tax and accounting standards – both in Japan and on the international scene. We also make it our mission to get to know your business inside out. That way, our services are unique to you. 


How can RSM Japan help you? 

As soon as you request our financial auditing services, we get hands-on with your business to understand its risks, challenges, and opportunities. Our technical knowledge is supported by a proven track record in understanding your business and the market it operates in. In addition, we have the benefit of a global network that covers 800 offices in 200 jurisdictions. So, should you require domestic or international auditing excellence, RSM Japan is here to provide it. 


Explore our financial auditing and assurance services 

The requirements of financial auditing and assurance support are far-reaching. They can often be demanding too, which is why we are equipped to provide that first-class support across the many aspects of accounting and bookkeeping. Our services in this area include: 

Statutory audit services 

We provide high-quality statutory audit services – including those that align with the Financial Instruments and Exchange ActCompanies Act, and Limited Partnership Act for Investment.  

For large auditing firms, partners who sign audit reports rarely make onsite visits. This can be damaging because it can result in the overturning of judgments of client office accountants. It can also lead to hasty decision making.  

At RSM Japan, the partners who deliver our statutory audit services go to great lengths to make onsite visits. We work hard to understand all our clients and their objectives. And, by doing this, we can ensure the smooth and optimal completion of audits. 

Preparatory audits for IPOs 

An initial public offering (IPO) allows a company to access funds from a wide pool of investors – increasing its capital in the process. Going public also brings numerous benefits to the company. This includes greater trust from society, better access to talented individuals, and an enhanced management structure.  

IPOs require audits of financial statements for the most recent two fiscal periods, however. So,  RSM Japan can support you by providing preparatory audits for IPOs early and efficiently to be sure the process is completed in a timely manner.  

We offer first-class audit services tailored specifically to IPOs. Many of our auditors are certified public accountants (CPA) with extensive experience in venture company IPOs. Even small-scale companies with modest profits can list shares, as long as it has good growth prospects.  

By performing a public offering audit at an early stage to design an internal control system and a financial reporting structure can help to reduce the time needed to achieve a listing. And RSM Japan has the skills and experience to make that happen and achieve the desired outcomes. 

Voluntary audits 

New or small-scale companies must ensure their financial statements are accurate. The same is true of companies that are legally obliged to perform audits. As it is a highly effective method of confirming the reliability of financial statements. RSM Japan is pleased to undertake voluntary audits on behalf of unlisted companies. 

The benefit of doing so is that you can obtain and use valuable financial information with future ventures. Our extensive experience in voluntary audits for small-scale companies enables us to provide services that are carefully tailored to every company's needs. And we are committed to delivering audit services that provide support where there is concern about reporting structures.  

It can also be hugely reassuring for companies that have recently been established to undergo a voluntary audit – and know that either their structures are sound or where to make improvements. 

Referred work services 

RSM Japan is often asked by RSM International's overseas offices to conduct financial statement reviews of foreign companies' Japanese subsidiaries. In these cases, we work closely with teams at parent companies overseas and RSM International partners to efficiently serve our clients. 


Audit and assurance support you can trust 

Our audit and assurance services are a unique blend of attributes that can benefit a company of any size and at any stage of the lifecycle. Our technical audit specialists are backed up by sound industry knowledge and a global network of professionals to support in various ways that all suit your business needs. Talk to us today about your requirements – and find out how we can help.