The assessment, planning and monitoring of tax aspects that impact your sector of activities are important tools for managing your business.

In this context, we are your strategic partner in reviewing the tax procedures, facts and policies in force in your company, assessing and quantifying the inherent risks, as well as drawing up a mitigation plan that addresses your concerns across the board.

Our main mission is to provide to our clients the tools and solutions that add value to their business.

Transfer Pricing as a Management Tool

While Transfer Pricing Reporting is critical from a Regular Tax Compliance standpoint, it also has a significant impact on the organizations' operations and financial position.

The Impact of the Amendment to the VAT Refund Regulation Approved by Decree 30/2022, of 23 June

Special VAT Regularization Regime for Companies in the Mining and Oil Sectors, in the production phase

How can RSM help your business

How can RSM help your business during the COVID-19 pandemic? Organisations of all sizes are currently facing numerous challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. RSM is able to assist your business to weather the storm with the following specialist services.

Electronic Tax Payment

The Government of Mozambique has launched an electronic tax payment strategy, called E-Taxation Project, which arises with the aim of modernizing tax administration services, based on a collection and revenue management information system, with a primary focus on internal taxes;

Outsourcing of Financial Processes and Human Resources

The financial sector faces increasing complexity, changing accounting and tax standards, urgency in delivering reporting, process complexity and difficulty in finding and maintaining resources with the necessary skills.

Tax Calendar

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Transfer Pricing

Aos 12 de Setembro de 2017, o Conselho de Ministros aprovou a legislação para os preços de transferência, publicada no Decreto no 70/2017 de 6 de Dezembro de 2017. A referida aprovação, entrou em vigor em 1 de Janeiro de 2018.

Transfer Pricing

Adjustments in Transfer Pricing Matters On 12 September 2017, the Council of Ministers approved the legislation for transfer prices, published in Decree No 70/2017 of 6 December 2017. This approval came into force on 1 January 2018.
Novo Regulamento da Lei Cambial

IFRS Illustrative Consolidated Financial Statements 2017

RSM International Limited has prepared a model set of consolidated financial statements for a fictitious company called IFRS Statements Limited which, for the purpose of the exercise, is described as a company listed in Big City Stock Exchange and incorporated and domiciled in a fictitious country, Newland.