26 October 2022

The Implications of Industry 4.0 for the Auditing Profession

The current scenario, social and economic, has shown itself to be increasingly dependent on information technologies, not only for the various facilities they provide, but also for the dynamization of processes, such as the reduction of human...
17 October 2022

The ABCs of Successful Corporate Social Responsibility Projects in Mozambique

The Oil, Gas, and Mining Industries have been growing in Mozambique and with that, there has been a rich debate about how these industries can better impact our communities.
21 September 2022

5 Reasons Why Your Job Application Isn't Being Noticed by Recruiters

There are many times when we submit our application for an employment vacancy and the position / roles seem to align perfectly with what we did in our current or previous job, however we still don't receive any feedback from recruiters- not even for...
9 September 2022

Team Building - A modern approach to building a strong Human Capital

Human capital plays an important role in increasing the efficiency of organizations that are looking for a solid market positioning. Organizations with strong human capital have higher employee retention and a culture of trust.
1 September 2022

Workshop on "How to Conduct a Gender Analysis in your Company"

On August 24th 2022, RSM Mozambique participated in the Workshop on "How to Conduct a Gender Analysis in your Company", led by TecnoServe Mozambique, as part of the Women in Business (WIN) program, where, we could have access to one of the three...
30 August 2022

Transfer Pricing as a Management Tool

While Transfer Pricing Reporting is critical from a Regular Tax Compliance standpoint, it also has a significant impact on the organizations' operations and financial position.
17 August 2022

RSM conducts a community survey about family planning and gender-based violence

Mozambique's Northern Provinces of Nampula, Cabo Delgado, and Niassa are host to some of the nation's highest poverty rates which have been compounded by recent political instability. These challenges have been contributing factors regarding...
27 July 2022

Business Capacity under the New Commercial Code

Business Capacity  consists of the legal capacity to carry out business activity which, under the terms of the previous Commercial Code in general terms, could only be exercised by a natural person with civil capacity, that is, 21 years old.
18 July 2022

People Management: The Importance of Training and Development of Employees

The Importance of Training and Development of Employees The world is constantly changing and, as a consequence of these changes, new models have emerged in the organizational environment.
14 July 2022

The Impact of the Amendment to the VAT Refund Regulation Approved by Decree 30/2022, of 23 June

Special VAT Regularization Regime for Companies in the Mining and Oil Sectors, in the production phase
13 July 2022

Legal Regime of Credit Securities

Decree-Law No. 2/2022, of 25 May, was recently published, approving the Legal Regime for Credit Securities, with the aim of making Book Four of the Commercial Code autonomous, which dealt with Credit Securities and transforming it in legal terms....
6 July 2022

Changes to the Value Added Tax (VAT) Refund Regulation

As it became necessary to amend the Regulation on the Reimbursement of Value Added Tax (VAT), approved by Decree No. 78/2017, of 28 December, Decree No. of June 23, 2022, which entered into force on the date of its publication.