Aad Rozendal

Aad joined RSM in 2012, currently as an external academic advisor. He studied fiscal economics at Tilburg University and received his doctorate from the same university in 2014 with the thesis "The concept of interest in Dutch tax law. In 2006, Aad obtained the postgraduate degree in European Fiscal Studies (EFS) at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Aad focuses on providing specialist tax advice on complex real estate issues, including in the area of transfer tax. The aim is to combine a scientific approach with a pragmatic and client-oriented approach. The main focus is on business succession and real estate, real estate transactions, structuring real estate funds and project development. Aad's work consists of providing advice, conducting discussions with the Tax Authorities and conducting legal proceedings.

Aad is also a lecturer in tax law at the University of Amsterdam. In addition, Aad is a much sought-after speaker on tax aspects of real estate. Among other things, he does this for the postgraduate professional training program of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers (NOB). Aad is also a member of the editorial board of various tax journals and co-author of the books 'Wegwijs in de overdrachtsbelasting' and 'Hoofdzaken Fiscaliteit & Vastgoed'.