Are you planning to sell your company, considering a merger or do you want to acquire another company? Thorough preparation is essential if a sale or acquisition is to be successful. Our team of experts have in-depth substantive knowledge, deep involvement and broad national and international network. This has enabled us to ensure quick and favourable acquisitions or sales for many companies in the mid-market segment.

Minimise your risk, maximise your value

Whether you want to acquire a company or sell your own company, in both cases you hope to close the deal with optimal conditions. In both cases you need a consultant who has extensive knowledge of accountancy and taxes, as well as vast experience in assisting with transactions. In addition, a broad national and international network is essential to quickly reach relevant parties. RSM has extensive experience in M&A Services and our international network is one of the largest in the field of professional services.

Who benefits from acquisition and sales support?

The Corporate Finance consultants of RSM assist companies, private shareholders, management teams and private equity with sales, mergers and acquisitions. Consider, for example:

  • assisting director-major shareholders in preparing the sale of their company in order to realise maximum value and the best possible conditions.
  • supporting management teams with negotiating the terms and conditions and obtaining equity and/or external funding for a management buy-out or buy-in.
  • private equity in the purchase and sale of participating interests
  • assisting companies and director/shareholders in obtaining equity and debt capital to realise growth, investments or refinancing.

How do we work?

If you would like us to assist you in an acquisition or sale process, we can carry out several activities for you, including:

  • total process support from start to transfer
  • drawing up a transaction strategy
  • assessing the value versus price of the company/companies
  • offering a company through professional presentations within our network
  • finding targets within our network
  • supervising the process of a due-diligence investigation
  • various analyses with respect to feasibility, business plan, capital structure, cash flows and so on.

In addition to these tools and our in-depth knowledge of accountancy, tax and other business related matters, we make extensive use of our international RSM network; currently the 6th global professional services network. In this network, the right buyer or acquisition target is never far away.

Would you like more information?

Do you have acquisition or sales plans and would you like to maximise the chances of a successful transaction? Please contact us.