Risk & Compliance encompasses more than prevention of financial and economic crime. For us, compliance is about growth and creating long-term values. We achieve this together with you, by strengthening the integrity of the organisation and promoting controlled and sound business practices.

RSM's Risk & Compliance specialists are internationally recognised consultants focusing on compliance, both inside and outside the financial sector. Our outstanding services to organisations include the management of internal and external integrity risks that could be detrimental to their business. For more than a decade, we have advised and supported all kinds of financial institutions as well as industrial companies in various sectors such as aviation and defence, energy/oil & gas, technology as well as manufacturing and logistics.

Our support focuses on managing key integrity and reputation protection risks. We offer highly specialised advice on all aspects of good governance and compliance with laws, regulations and industry standards, specifically aimed at preventing financial-economic crime (such as money laundering, terrorist financing and evasion of sanctions and export controls).

We help your organisation identify, assess and manage integrity risks and make the remaining risks manageable based on the defined risk appetite.

Our services range from an initial scan of the state of our client's compliance framework, to assisting in the conduct of systematic integrity risk assessments (SIRA) and comprehensive (re)design and testing of the effectiveness of implemented policies, procedures and other measures.

If necessary, we help with remedial programmes, for instance when regulatory investigations have revealed findings that require additional measures.
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We offer our clients support in applying and complying with applicable laws and regulations, as well as industry standards through a practical, cost-effective approach. A balanced set of administrative and organisational policies, procedures and measures is central to this.

Furthermore, we provide customised training and investigation services and act as a compliance helpdesk on customer screening (CDD/KYC), sanctions and export controls. We also contribute to bodies and forums that set industry standards, and provide training, workshops and support to all client groups, as well as regulatory bodies and auditors. 

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