The annual personal income tax returns and occasional gift and inheritance tax returns are complex for substantial shareholders, entrepreneurs and high net-worth individuals.

The RSM experts know the legislation and annually changing tax regulations like no other, thanks to continuous training and knowledge building.

We take care of the tax return for you

The RSM tax consultants make sure that you file your tax returns on time and correctly every year. In doing so, we make optimum use of the existing tax regulations.

What can you expect from us when filing your tax return?

  • A timely reminder to provide the information.
  • An overview of what information we need from you.
  • An error-free tax return completed on time.
  • Checking the (provisional) tax assessments and lodging an objection if necessary.
  • Tax advice with respect to new or changed schemes you can benefit from.

Would you like more information?

RSM looks forward to taking care of your personal income tax, gift tax and/or inheritance tax return.