In-depth, tailored analyses ensure a reliable valuation

Do you want to have your company valued? For example, because you are considering a merger or acquisition, because you want to buy out shareholders, because you are getting a divorce or because you want to restructure or sell your company? There are many conceivable situations that require accurate insight into the economic and tax value of your company. RSM can determine this value for you. We provide a bespoke service: we look very specifically at your company, your market and the most important value drivers within your company.

What areas do we specialise in?

RSM has one of the leading independent valuation practices in the Netherlands employing several Register Valuators (RV). They specialise in:

You can also contact our specialists for the following company valuations:

  • Optimising the company value and getting it ready for sale (Value Based Management)
  • Valuation of start-ups and Real Options
  • Private equity / funds / portfolio valuations
  • Valuation for financial reporting purposes: Impairment, Purchase Price Allocation (PPA), valuation of financial instruments (e.g. Swaps).
  • Valuation of intangible assets and intellectual property
  • Determine goodwill and minority packages
  • Restructuring
  • Tax valuations for the Customs and Tax Administration

How does RSM carry out company valuations?

We are often engaged on a confidential basis by business owners and their consultants. As the reasons for mergers and acquisitions, shareholder buy-outs, divorces, restructurings and financial modelling vary, we start each valuation process with a comprehensive intake. We believe in the importance of getting to know companies well in order to understand what drives their value and to choose the right valuation approach.

After the intake, we perform a full analysis of the situation. We do not look to the past, but to the future. How is the company doing, what are the forecasts? In addition to the figures, we look at the company's strategy, legal and tax issues, and at developments in the market. Next, we quantify this information in order to determine the company value.

We will present our conclusions in a well-documented report you can submit to the Customs and Tax Administration, to the court or present at the negotiating table. We discuss this report in detail with you in order to provide you with the best possible insight into the valuation process.

Would you like more information?

Would you like more information or would you like to request a company valuation? Please contact us.