Would you like to apply for funding for your company? For example, for an acquisition, to buy new business premises or to finance a major project? This can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Do you want to raise sufficient loan, equity or hybrid capital to realise your plans? Our Debt Advisory service will be happy to discuss the best form of financing for you and how you can attract the right financing. If desired, we can also negotiate on your behalf.

When to opt for Debt Advisory from RSM?

Our consultants provide added value in all situations where you need financing. It may involve:

  • Refinancing -for example, when the limit of the current facilities has been reached or when it is wise to introduce more diversity in the financing mix;
  • Acquisitions – both whole business acquisitions and add-on acquisitions and changes in ownership;
  • Investments – for a new plant or production line, maintenance investments and expansion or renewal of the corporate fleet;
  • Restructuring– in case of liquidity shortages, transfer to Special Management or if covenants are not met.

Through our in-depth knowledge of financing products and structures, our broad global network and our successful track record in various sectors, we can help you achieve the best possible transaction in the market. This will almost certainly give you a better deal than when you yourself apply for financing.

How do we arrange your corporate financing?

The main benefit of arranging corporate financing through RSM is that you can leave the entire process to us: from planning and credit application to negotiation and monitoring. We fully unburden you, allowing you to focus on doing business successfully. Or you can outsource individual parts of the process to us. We offer the following services:

  • Financing vision - we outline our vision of your financing options
  • Financing strategy and capital structure analysis – here we look holistically at your strategy and how to best support this with the capital structure, at the available financing options and how to find the one that best suits your company.
  • Assistance with the financing process - we can fully unburden you, or guide you behind the scenes while you lead the process.
  • Restructuring – we contribute ideas on workable solutions, and serve as a link between you and special management bankers.
  • Renegotiation – the aim is to materially improve current conditions, such as lower interest rates or expanding agreements.

Take advantage of our strong negotiating position

We do our utmost to offer you the best financing solution. Working closely with Credion gives us access to an extensive network with national financing volume. This gives us a strong negotiating position you can benefit from. But we don't just contact the well-known Dutch banks. We also look at other options, such as:

  • crowdfunding
  • 'leasing & factoring' solutions
  • pre-financing of purchase invoices
  • international banks
  • debt funds
  • informal capital
  • sector and branch specialised banks at home and abroad.

Using our specific sector knowledge and valuable contacts, we look at the best form of financing for you.

Would you like more information?

Would you like to know how you can finance the growth of your business, or would you like help in applying for financing? Please contact us.