Technology: the booster or the disrupter?

Growth in technological development is no longer linear, but exponential. The crucial role that technology plays within society requires a business strategy that ensures success and competitive advantage. However, this is not always obvious. Advocating for change, possible implementation of new technologies and business change is a risk for companies. What seems feasible on paper or in the form of an idea turns out to be a road full of hidden risks and obstacles. These risks can lead to cost-intensive mistakes and make it harder for companies to identify and realise true innovation potential.

RSM as a commited sparring partner

We establish long-term and personal relationships with our customers; we don't just hear them, we listen to them. We therefore focus only on the client's needs. Whether it is a new strategy, risk and compliance, legal advice, or, for example, the deployment of a new technology: the end goal is rational progress.

At RSM Emerging Technologies Consulting, we therefore collaborate and support companies and public institutions on their issues regarding technology, digitalisation and the potential risks arising from it. We do not look from the lens of "technology looking for a problem", but from the lens of "what benefits and opportunities can this technology offer our clients". We focus on understanding our clients' needs and supporting them in an understandable way by providing tailor-made advice. Working with our clients and our network of legal strategists and risk & compliance consultants enables our clients to always take a step forward.

From the builders of technology to their users

The above requires knowledge of, and understanding of, specific technologies and innovations. Through years of experience, we have built up extensive knowledge in a wide range of new and emerging technologies. From providing financial institutions with advice on compliance issues, to legislation on innovative payment systems. From a manufacturer of drones, to the farmer who wants to use drones to spray crops. From online marketplaces, to sellers selling in that marketplace. RSM Business Consulting is also well versed in digitalisation and data. We can help you with data lifecycle management, data governance, privacy, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and legal implications of crypto assets, among others.

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