There is a high activity level within the Real Estate industry with major changes going on.

 Increased competition, new technology and globalization are some of the contributing causes. Companies in the industry must find new ways to stay competitive and increase growth. 

Our experience

Our Real Estate specialists have extensive experience in consulting, taxation and auditing and can help you identify and counteract risks and streamline operations toachieve better results and increase return on your investments.

What we offer

RSM can assist players, both small and large, who invest in the Swedish Real Estate market, to maximize profits and create value throughout the Real Estate company's entire life cycle. We can support you during the acquisition phase, the production phase and the sales phase. Our experience comes from large-scale housing projects that have reaped significant financial rewards for our clients. 


  • Due diligence of property/company (financial, taxes, fees and law) 
  • Optimization/restructuring of the ownership structure
  • Tax advice 


  • Audit services 
  • Advice in connection with preparation of accounts in accordance with NGAAP or IFRS 
  • Tax advice and planning in connection with preparation of tax returns. 
  • Ongoing proactive advice 


  • Preparations for sale (merger, transformation, or other restructuring) 
  • Practical support in connection with the sales process 
  • Examination of the company before sale (due diligence in case of sale)


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