Our Global Employer Services (GES) practice is delivering premium services in employment & globally mobile workforce matters, such as individual taxes, social security & pension, compensation & equity plan, immigration & HR legal, global mobility advisory (expatriate, local-to-local, commuters, STBTs). Our enthusiast team is serving multi-sized and growth-focused entrepreneurial businesses, operating in CH and across borders. As we are technology-enabled, our DNA is nurtured by people-centric, senior-led and taylor-made approach, key pillars to deliver leading compliance and advisory services

Successful management of internationally mobile employees involves ongoing monitoring and support of the employees concerned, including the implementation of mobility policies, employee travel planning, international compliance of their situation and personalized support in a constantly changing environment. As these procedures are complex and constantly evolving, we can assist you and your employees in setting up your mobility program while advising you on the various tax, social security & pension, data protection, as well as immigration and legal issues you will face. Thanks to our global network, our experts in nearly 120 countries will help us understand your needs and advise you locally and international, supported by strong local knowledge backed by global vision.


Tax advisory for employees and employers in mobile context

In order to remain in compliance with the various domestic and international tax requirements, while mitigating the risks of double taxation as well as business corporate tax exposure in other countries, we provide you with personalized advice and follow your employees, from the planning of their international situation, through the arrival and departure briefings or pre-hiring support, hypothetical tax calculations and reconciliations, communication with the tax authorities as well as the preparation of their tax returns. Tax environment is fast-changing, and close monitoring is key for businesses, strongly supported by RSM’s ideas & insight delivered along the road, beyond compliance services.  


Social security and pension plans

Each country has its own social security system, which can be difficult to navigate, especially in cross-border situations. Compliant enrollment in the right country scheme could be complex, as well as benefits matter from the employee’ side. RSM can help you to understand your requirements in international situation, with in depth expertise in Swiss, EU and international social security. In addition, attractive and tax-efficient pension plan is an asset for the company in managing its talent. We are therefore at your disposal to advise you on your social insurance requirements, as well as cost vs benefits planning.


Compensation and Long Term Incentive Plans

It is essential for every company to have benchmarked and efficient compensation system (notably regarding variable pay and LTIP plans) that corresponds to its strategy, its objectives and that allows it to recruit and retain the most relevant talents. Therefore, we support you in the development and implementation of your compensation system, while ensuring its legal and fiscal compliance, including in international situations.


Immigration & Human Resources

People management is a subject as varied as it is complex, not to mention the additional running costs that can be caused by inadequate administration. Our worldwide network allows us to understand the different markets, both in Switzerland and internationally, in order to assist you in the implementation of your mobility policies and to help you face the difficulties related to the management of complex or international payrolls. We help you stay in compliance with inter-territorial laws and regulations and assist you in obtaining the necessary documents to regularize the migration of your mobile employees (work and residence permits, visas, etc.).


International mobility advisory (expatriates, permanent transfer, cross-border workers, short-term assignments)

The numerous regulations applicable to internationally mobile employees are constantly changing, sometimes contradictory, and businesses practices is moving fast either. Recent sanitary crisis create by instance the concept of virtual assignment, when more and more mobile workers are transferred on the basis of local employment agreement with specific additional benefits. Anticipate, set-up the most efficient package, ensure compliance with home/host regulations - when scrutiny is on utmost transparency - are key drivers for successfully and steadily managed mobile workforce population. Our in-depth expertise and broad experience across all industries and business-size are key to deliver top-of-the-art advisory and efficient support that complex matter.

Our strong knowledge of the Swiss regulations, business organization, administration and market as well as our robust international network enable us to assist you efficiently in all the spectrum of those services.


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