How to do Business in Switzerland 

Do you know your business activities in Switzerland?

Are you registered for VAT in Switzerland?

Do you know the Swiss VAT regulations?


Value added tax can be one of the most significant issue for corporations conducting international transactions. Regulations vary by jurisdiction and tax authorities worldwide are keen on ensuring the VAT is compliant and reported in time. The risk of being challenged on VAT compliance is an all-too-present reality.

Penalties can be steep for organizations failing to fulfil the required standards and the reputation. RSM believes that VAT can be managed efficient, and your tax exposures limited. Maximize business opportunities and, where appropriate, identify your optimal method of VAT registration.
In today’s global economy, opportunities surface everywhere to manage costs by globalizing production, to boost revenue by penetrating new markets, and to increase efficiencies by streamlining supply chains. Along with global opportunities, however, come global VAT concerns.

How you build your supply chain among the varying jurisdictions in which you operate directly affects your global VAT registration obligations and risk coming along in each market.

At RSM, we understand. We’ve been supporting companies like yours manage their VAT in Switzerland.

Whatever your industry, wherever you operate, we have the experience and resources to help you plan, implement and maintain proactive and take full advantage of your planning opportunities and effectively control your compliance risks. From development and purchase of products to your sales to the customer, our team stands ready to help you analyse the VAT treatment. 
Each company’s story is unique.  At RSM, we’re committed to understanding more than just the technical tax and economic issues that frame your VAT challenges. We’re committed to understanding you and your business, your strategy, your definition of success.  And we’re committed to tailoring a solution that supports that vision today and into the future. We measure our success by how well we help you reach yours.

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