Salary management

Salary management from A to Z

We take care of all the tasks related to payroll for you. Data can be exchanged fully electronically via a secure portal. We take care of the correct and timely processing of the data and the preparation and transmission of all relevant declarations. You can also leave the communication and coordination with the authorities to us with complete peace of mind.

Our experts not only take care of payroll administration, but also act proactively as your personal HR manager. We also support our clients in labour law issues and tasks related to work permits and withholding taxes. Our experts provide you with relevant advice and take care of all tasks in the field of permits and registrations.

Social insurance

Tasks in the field of social insurance can be far-reaching and very complex. Particularly in the case of cross-border activities and secondments, sound preliminary clarifications are of elementary importance. We take care of all tasks in this area and ensure that the legal requirements are fully complied with for our clients.

Employee shareholdings

Our experienced experts have extensive knowledge in the field of employee benefits. In this respect, we ensure that employee profit-sharing is correctly accounted for and taken into account in payroll administration. In addition, our tax experts will help you to design a suitable employee participation plan.

Tax at source

We can handle all tasks related to withholding tax. This includes both the registration and de-registration of employees subject to withholding tax as well as the preparation and submission of withholding tax returns.

Many of our clients also benefit from our extensive experience as consultants in the field of withholding taxes and our in-depth knowledge of the legal requirements in Switzerland. In this respect, we also work closely with our  tax experts to ensure comprehensive tax planning for your company and your employees.

HR activities

Our activities go far beyond the simple processing of salaries. We provide support in many areas of human resources and labour law. In this way we make an important contribution to the care of our clients' employees.

We are also happy to advise you on the structuring of extra-compulsory social security schemes or the drafting of employment contracts. In complex cases, we can also call on external legal or insurance experts and take on important coordination tasks for you.

Interim support in payroll management

Do you need short-term support in managing your payroll? Our experts will be happy to help you. We do not only provide staff resources. If necessary, we can also call on other RSM experts in the fields of accounting , taxation , auditing  and consulting.

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