RSM restructuring advisory works with organisations and their advisers, lenders, trustees and creditors to provide tailored solutions at every stage of the business cycle.

Corporate restructuring happens for a myriad of reasons, including violations of secured debt agreements due to poor cash flow and/or debt covenant violations, inability to deal with an evolving marketplace, employee fraud, litigation, professional malpractice, or even family or generational issues. For corporations, the list of potentially crisis-producing issues is long.

It can be tough to face a deteriorating situation, especially if you’ve devoted years to building the business. But, sometimes, increased sales aren’t enough to turn things around, and the management team can’t come up with a formula for success.

Business continuity requires a clear understanding of the risks, vulnerabilities and cause-and-effect relationships. We therefore recommend that some sort of scenarios must be established and that the impact of these on liquidity as well as other financial and operational parameters of the business need to be assessed. That’s where our corporate restructuring services come in.

We understand that the challenges facing every business are different. Some common issues that we help our clients to resolve are how to:

  • Develop an effective turnaround strategy.
  • Manage risk by simplifying corporate structure.
  • Monitor emerging financial risks.
  • Preserve value on distressed real estate projects.
  • Realise value and optimise the outcome of a formal insolvency.
  • Secure an appropriate funding solution.
  • Identify and recover assets after contentious insolvency.
  • Navigate an accelerated transaction.

At RSM Switzerland, we provide The Power of Being Understood. We’ve been helping a wide range of companies to manage their corporate concerns given their specific situation. Whatever your industry, wherever you operate, we have the experience and resources to help you plan, implement and maintain the most appropriate tools and strategies to reduce your risk and to effectively surpass your difficulties.

If you are struggling with your business, our team of specialists stands ready to help you go through every step of the process put in place in case of adjustment, adaptation, restructuring or turnaround needs.

Each company’s story is unique. At RSM, we’re committed to understanding more than just the value of your entity and your capital structure. We’re committed to understanding you, your business, your strategy, your definition of success. And we’re committed to tailoring a solution that supports that vision today and into the future.

We measure our success by how well we help you reach yours.


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