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We offer customer-focused tax and legal services. Our specialists provide you with efficient, innovative and reliable solutions that are tailored to cover all your needs in Switzerland.

Our local expertise, combined with our global reach and broad international experience and outlook, allows us to analyse, optimise and solve complex fiscal situations.

Our services cover all Swiss tax areas ranging from direct taxes, VAT, stamp duty, and withholding taxes to all other fields of corporate tax law for local and international companies as well as individuals. In particular they include:

  • International group tax structuring;
  • M&A tax advisory services (due diligence, deal structuring, ruling negotiation, cross-border analysis etc.);
  • Negotiation and obtaining of tax rulings in Switzerland;
  • Direct tax compliance, tax returns preparations and tax optimisation;
  • VAT compliance, consulting, registration and audits;
  • Transfer pricing analysis and policy set-up;
  • Companies set-up and administration;
  • Succession planning;
  • Personal tax optimisation and wealth planning; and
  • Relocation to Switzerland.

It is our utmost priority to offer services, which are supporting you to achieve your objectives.

2020 quotas set for work permit & recognized language certificates

23 January 2020
If the work permit quotas have increased in 2019 to address employment shortages, the Swiss Federal Council has decided to apply exactly the same quotas for 2020. Non-EU/EFTA will be subject to quotas of 4’500 long-term B-permits and 4’000 short-term L-permits. With respect to EU/EFTA nationals, quotas are still set at 500 B-permits and 3’000 L-permits.

Restricted admission to the Swiss labor market for foreign nationals in some sectors since 2020

23 January 2020
As of January 1st, 2020, there is an extended job notification requirements in sectors with trigger level of 5% unemployment rate.

The RSM European Real Estate Tax Guides

4 September 2019
Commercial real estate can be very complex business, when it comes to knowing where to invest; when to sell and what to buy.

Tax reform and financing the statutory pension insurance (TRFPI) Approval

23 May 2019
As already mentioned multiple times in our newsletters, and especially in our newsletter on this topic from December 2018, Swiss population was invited to vote on Mai 19, 2019 on the TRFPI project and this project has been approved! TRFPI project is an amended version of the previous third corporate tax reform (CTR III) and tax project 17 (TP17).

Information on the Mail Order Scheme as of 1 January 2019

16 January 2019
With the partial revision of the Value Added Tax Act, foreign companies operating in the mail order business are to be treated on an equal footing with companies domiciled in Switzerland.

The new Swiss corporate fee for radio and television as of 2019

16 January 2019
From 1 January 2019 households and businesses have to pay a new device-independent fee which replaces the current device-dependent fee for radio and television connection. The levies for private households will amount to CHF 365 from 2019.

CTR III –Refusal from the Swiss people on February 12, 2017 – Consequences and future

15 February 2017
On February 12, 2017, the Swiss people have denied the federal project regarding the third corporate tax reform. As a reminder, the subject of the vote, that was only at a federal level, was focused mainly on:

Corporate tax reform III (CTR III) Geneva

10 November 2016
The Geneva strategy for the RIE III becomes finally a reality! (For more informationregarding the subject, please see our other newsletters on this topic).

Final vote of the Federal Parliament on the corporate tax reform III (CTR III)

10 July 2016
For more background, we invite you to revert to our newsletters from January 2016 and April 2016 on the same topic

Corporate Tax Reform III

14 January 2016
Genesis of the reform

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