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2 September 2015
As outlined above, laying off of employees can often be harmful and costly to both the employee and the employer.  From the employee’s point of view, losing one’s job is ranked third amongst life’s most stressful situations and whilst redundancy money (severance) can assist the ex-employee during their search for a new role, a well designed and implemented outplace

RSM Outplacement & The Top 5 Business Opportunities in a Downturn

1 September 2015
RSM OUTPLACEMENT A Comprehensive Solution. Few occasions are more stressful in work than when you have to tell a colleague that he or she no longer has a job. Ranked by psychologists as the third most stressful situation we are likely to face in life, job loss is becoming a greater and greater reality as the recession bites.

Do we have the right people doing the right work – and are they motivated?, Press Releases from RSM Thailand and RSM International

1 September 2015
Do we have the right people doing the right work – and are they motivated?

Don’t blow your cover & Resign with good grace

1 September 2015
Article 1 - Don’t blow your cover The letter that accompanies a candidate’s resume should be precise and to the point. Many candidate’s letters begin:  “Dear Sir/Madam.” This salutation indicates an applicant who has done so little research on the company that they don’t know to whom to address the letter. An inauspicious start.

Human Resource Management in Thailand

1 September 2015
HR Challenges Business environments and consequently HR are now confronted with many more challenges than they faced in the past and these can include political conditions, economic changes, social changes, technology as well as other internal and external factors. 

Dos and Don’ts of resume writing

1 September 2015
Don’t use the ‘standardized’ resume format produced by many of the more popular online job sites (e.g.

RSM Recruitment Thailand

31 August 2015
There are many people looking for jobs today. Finding the right person for the right kind of job is very important. The person must be committed to the job and be loyal to the company providing the job. Recruitment Product Offerings in Asia

Job Seeker Email “Netiquette”: R U Professional?

31 August 2015
Nowadays, communication in the corporate world rarely takes place in person.  Given the advancement of technology, the primary medium of communication has become email correspondence.  Likewise, the majority of the dialogue in a recruitment process is conducted by email.

How to Choose a Recruitment Agency

31 August 2015
There are many recruitment agencies available to assist you with your recruitment and selection activities and to ensure that your manpower needs are fulfilled.

How to Improve Your Performance at Interviews

31 August 2015
The short time you spend at a job interview could have a dramatic effect on your career prospects. It is therefore important that you perform well, because no matter how good your career record is to date, the employment interview remains an important step towards achievement of your ambitions.

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