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Personal Income Tax

Personal Income Tax: Salary Sacrificing your Future

2 September 2015
Three salary-sacrificing investments you could make for your future and the Thailand Revenue Department will give you back some money, are as follows:

Personal Income Tax Cut

2 September 2015
Effective 1 January 2008 (i.e. from and including the 2008 calendar year) the first THB 100,000 of tax-free income has been increased to THB 150,000.  The personal income tax rates are now as follows: Taxable Income

Tax Exemption for donations

31 August 2015
Donations made from 1 January 2011 shall be exempt from tax as follows:

Personal income tax reduction and revision

31 August 2015
On 18 December 2012, the Thai Cabinet resolved and approved the revision of the personal income tax structure. The new structure will include the revision of the personal income tax rate from the current 5 tiers at the rate of 0 % - 37 % to the revised 7 tiers at the rate of 0 % - 35 % as follows:

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