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Corporate Income Tax Cut

2 September 2015
Also effective 1 January 2008 (i.e. from and including the 2008 accounting period) the first THB 150,000 of a Small and Medium Enterprise’s taxable income is exempt from corporate income tax.  An SME is a Thai company having paid up capital of not more than THB 5 million at the end of its accounting period.

Thailand’s Cool Wind of Change: Anti-Tax Evasion Rules put into Practice

2 September 2015
On Thursday 31 July 2008, we witnessed “a first” for Thailand … the Government’s actual use of Revenue Code Section 37 … an anti-tax evasion provision that has been there since 1959.

2008 Tax Stimulus Package New Accelerated Depreciation Allowances & Impact of the new regulations of the Ministry of Commerce on Board Meetings

2 September 2015
New Accelerated Depreciation Allowances CIFAC readers will recall that on 6 March this year we reported to you about the Government’s approval of the 2008 tax stimulus package.

2008 Financial Markets Meltdown Taxation of Share Buy-Back Transactions, Legitimizing a Loss on Share Transaction for Writing-off Related Company Loans/Debts & Press Release from RSM International  New German Partner

2 September 2015
2008 Financial Markets Meltdown Taxation of Share Buy-Back Transactions As a result of the 2008 financial markets meltdown, you could experience some publicly listed companies offering to buy-back your shares.

Special Tax Relief for a Natural Disaster

31 August 2015
Taxpayers who suffer losses from a natural disasters of such as floods, windstorms, fires or other type including and those who support disaster relief through donations either in cash or in kind for disasters which have occurred after 1 January 2011 shall be eligible for a tax exemption in accordance with the Royal Decree 527 (“RD 527”) as follows:

Business Related Tax Issues

31 August 2015
Stock on hand or Inventory on hand

Reduction of Corporate Income Tax Rate

31 August 2015
Royal Decree Numbers 530 and 531 have reduced the corporate income tax rate for companies, juristic partnerships and listed companies effective from 21 December 2011 and which are detailed below.

Thai Tax System

31 August 2015
What can be deducted under Thai tax law?  All companies operating in Thailand are subject to Thai corporate income tax (“CIT”), calculated on net profits.

Tax Reviews and Tax Health Check-ups

31 August 2015
Both tax reviews and tax health check-ups are used for a review aimed at identifying any potential tax exposures arising from missing or incomplete tax filings/documentation.  This article also focuses on the benefits of conducting a “tax due diligence” during a business acquisition, the main objective of which is also to minimise tax exposure.

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