Virtual CFO Solutions and the Future

Financial planning is proven to be the key to long-term business stability, regardless of how young or old a business is or whether it is a startup or an enterprise. While major corporations have full-time CFOs on board, startups cannot afford to spend in a dismissive way in the early phases of their growth. Often, businesses may not even require the services of a full-time CFO, considering hiring one can become a difficult task. This is where the virtual CFO movement is gaining traction. Let's take a look at how virtual CFOs can help establish a solid financial framework that'll help scale your business. 


What Are Virtual CFO Solutions/Services?

Virtual CFOs offer various financial services to help businesses make the best financial decisions possible. These include, but are not limited to:

Business Process Improvement

Among the business processes that virtual CFOs provide solutions for are fundraising, cash flow, systems analysis and design, pricing and growth frameworks, and establishing economically efficient procedures. Virtual CFOs' interactions with the organizations they are providing solutions to are also growing due to technological advancements. Today's VCFOs set up financial dashboards by establishing integrated and automated interfaces with their clients' systems. These dashboards aggregate real-time data from a variety of sources, thus presenting a complete picture of their clients' most recent financial information. 

Financial Planning, Reporting, Analysis and Forecast 

Virtual CFOs oversee accounting and financial reporting systems to guarantee entrepreneurs have complete visibility into the KPIs needed to make sound financial decisions. Moreover, they examine a company's financial data with precision and speed to produce comprehensive financial reports, metrics, and interpretations of the data to help with decision-making as well as rolling out forecasting tables, thus placing businesses on a strong financial route and allowing them to achieve their growth and development objectives.   


Mitigating Risks

By creating relevant financial and operational controls for businesses, a competent CFO may detect and manage risk exposure. They also put cybersecurity and data protection safeguards for financial data in place to protect companies from unanticipated internal and external threats, risks, errors, and fraud.


Business Expansion

Virtual CFOs facilitate a company's expansion strategies by performing risk analysis and financial forecasting. They ensure that the company's financial measures are implemented, assist with fundraising, and, if necessary, apply for registrations.


Why Virtual CFO Solutions Are the Future?

The accessibility offered by cloud technology and the surge in outsourcing has aided in availing of Virtual CFO services worldwide by small and medium-sized businesses. Specialization and scale will happen swiftly and more effectively as accounting and bookkeeping platforms become more sophisticated, and technology will take over many monotonous jobs now outsourced overseas. All of this will play a part in the financial services industry's rapid transformation in the following years. Virtual CFO solutions will be a game-changer in this rapid transition for most businesses in providing strategic business advice and assistance in aligning finances with the company's objectives. 


RSM Insights

In the midst of the pandemic's instability, startups, small enterprises, and mid-sized firms seek ways to enhance efficiency and save money more than ever. With many businesses functioning in automated systems and relying on a remote workforce, virtual CFO solutions are poised to play a pivotal role not just in balancing a company's finances but also in positioning it for a better future.  

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