Nowadays, companies are faced with mounting challenges and risks as a result of increased market competition, continuous technological advancement, and changes in the regulatory environment. By choosing RSM auditors to provide expert risk advisory and risk management services, you will find that risks are minimized and your company's strategic goals are achieved. 

Our local team is part of a wider global network and we draw on the skills of risk management specialists from around the world to deliver a service tailored to your business. To find out more about RSM Dahman’s risk advisory solutions, email us at [email protected]. We are ready to answer your queries.

How we deliver risk management and risk advisory services 

In the wake of dynamic market conditions and regulatory initiatives, protecting the interests of all stakeholders is becoming a top priority for boards. This means that dynamic risk advisory services are more crucial than ever before. 

Our team of risk advisory specialists will take the time to understand your business and how it operates. This deep analysis enables them to identify and understand the risks faced by your business. From there, they will create risk management solutions that give you the opportunity to take your business forward. 

All our risk advisors are fully aware of the latest legal implications that affect businesses, and our teams know to address any developments as part of the risk advisory process. The advice provided is, therefore, accurate and practical, giving you the information that you need while remaining compliant.

Our Risk Advisory Solutions and Management Services

Throughout the public and private sectors, there is now a much greater priority given to identifying and managing risks faced by an organization. Our RSM auditors can assist in the development and effectiveness of your company's risk management process by: 

-Reviewing and analyzing your organization’s risk profile 

-Working with you to develop a risk management strategy and process 

-Developing a risk management culture among your staff through training and workshops 

-Devising strategies and control mechanisms to alleviate identified risks 

We understand that risk advisory and the legal requirements around this can depend on where in the world your business is located. That’s why, as well as offering a typical selection of risk advisory solutions, we also tailor the services we provide to suit the requirements of the area you’re based in. RSM Dahman's risk advisory services include: 

-An outsourced internal audit 

-Business process and systems review 

-Fraud investigations 

-An information technology audit 

-Enterprise risk management 

-Building the capacity of your existing internal audit department 

Our risk management specialists will work with you to make sure your business is in a good position and that you are able to proceed with confidence.

Manage risk in a way that works for you

If you want to find out more about how RSM can help you manage risk in your business, call us on +971 4 554 7423 or email [email protected] and we will take you through the risk management services we offer. At RSM, our network includes 820 offices based in 120 countries. Our expert risk advisory team draws on insights from professionals based around this global network.