Risk Management

Nowadays companies are faced with mounting challenges and risks as a result of increased market competition, continuous technological advancement and changes in the regulatory environment. RSM Auditors will help minimize risks and achieve a Company's strategic goals.

Risk Management

In the wake of dynamic market conditions and regulatory initiatives, protecting the interests of all stakeholders is becoming a top priority for boards.

Throughout the public and private sectors there is now a much greater priority given to the identification of the risks faced by an organization and to the management of these risks. RSM Auditors can assist in the development and effectiveness of a Company's risk management process by:

  • Reviewing and analyzing an organisation's risk profile
  • Working with a client to develop a risk management strategy and process
  • Developing a risk management culture amongst the client's staff through training and workshops
  • Devising strategies and control mechanisms to mitigate identified risks


RSM Dahman's risk advisory services include:

  • Outsourced Internal Audit
  • Business Process & Systems Review
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Information Technology Audit
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Building the capacity of an existing internal audit department.

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