20 September 2018
Hotel guests in the country are subjected to five per cent VAT, in addition to the existing 20 per cent municipality fee and service charges combined, making the average room rates costlier. Additionally, various leisure activities have seen pricing...

Timing Disruption: The Stepping Stone Strategy

20 August 2018
There are times when everything changes in business – when this happens it is often sudden, surprising and sometimes overwhelming. These moments are the strategic inflection points that can result in a company rocketing to success or being left...

People strategies for success in a rapidly shifting global climate

6 August 2018
  One issue stands out for every middle-market business that operates internationally: the struggle to find and retain the most skilled and innovative employees — those who will drive growth and company performance.

To thrive with machines, become more human: Four ways for business leaders to enable their workforce

23 July 2018
While some cry foul and worry about the woes of a ‘useless class,’ as the historian Yuval Noah Harari puts it, others welcome widespread automation because they consider most current human labour mind-numbing.

UAE tourism gears up for VAT

24 October 2017
Following an announcement that Value Added Tax (VAT) will be implemented in the UAE from 2018, several tourism organisations have been hosting workshops to educate all travel segments about it.

A learning curve: Kuwait's bid to boost funding into education

17 October 2017
Kuwait is keen on boosting investments in the private education sector as part of its economic diversification plans, but the varying standards of education, a preference among nationals for free public schools and reduced state spending could all...

Tobacco demand to fall 40% after new excise tax

2 October 2017
Rakesh Pardasani
100 per cent excise tax on cigarettes effective October 1 lauded by health and tax experts

Off hours: Dedication pays off for RSM International chief

26 September 2017
As the chief executive of the audit, tax and consulting firm RSM International, Jean Stephens says she has always tended to be an overachiever.

Artificial intelligence: How it's transforming financial services in UAE

19 September 2017
Baasab B. Deyb
Apart from enhanced customer service, any financial institution can use AI to enhance its competitive position.

Here’s everything important during corporate restructuring

12 September 2017
Here's a complete beginner's guide on what to do when your business undergoes corporate restructuring. 

More than 70 countries collaborate for RSM World Day

22 September 2016
Global event sees RSM in UAE celebrating with staff for a day of engaging activities. 22 September 2016 marked RSM’s fifth annual RSM World Day and the largest celebration of the common vision, values and purpose that the sixth largest independent...

RSM Dahman becomes ‘RSM’ as RSM International network

13 October 2015
RSM reveals new global logo and brand positioning to be adopted by all member firms.