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Six ways to prepare for any future pandemic

26 July 2021
At a time when many companies are working remotely, operating at limited capacity, or shut down completely. Despite these setbacks, there are ways to make the most of the current circumstances and continue growing your business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tips to build a culture of compliance

26 July 2021
For a compliance program to be successful in ensuring the organization maintains a culture of compliance, it must be a priority, based on rigorous standards, and supported by key leaders. It is also important for the program to provide clear direction and expectations for employees.

Rethinking Accounting and Reporting Processes for the Future

31 May 2021
Throughout the epidemic, companies have faced several challenges and hardships. However, one advantage has been that it has given leaders time to rethink both business and operation models. They also learned from past experiences and sought new ideas, skills, and technologies to support their growth.

The importance of empathy in the workplace

11 April 2021
Empathy is the ability to understand and react to another person's feelings, emotions, or experiences. Empathy goes beyond sympathy to include the ability to consider and help others with compassion and empathy. 

The Importance of Diversity in Research

28 March 2021
The word diversity comes from the word diverse, which means "different." Gender, race, faith, sexual orientation, age, community, and socioeconomic background are all factors that affect an individual's unique perspective on the world. 

The importance of empathy in the workplace

19 March 2021
Empathy is the ability to understand and react to another person's feelings, emotions, or experiences. Empathy goes beyond sympathy to include the ability to consider and help others with compassion and empathy. 

What Automation in Accounting is All About?

22 October 2020
Automation has redefined human effort. It has removed a load of manual labour and other tedious and time-consuming tasks, thus, allowing humans to focus more on the areas that require knowledge and intelligence.

Transitioning into the DRG world

13 March 2020
By Vivek Shukla   

UAE To Gain Economic Momentum In 2020

28 October 2019
The UAE in general and Abu Dhabi in particular is well known around the world for its massive oil reserves. Earlier, the economy was heavily dependent on oil, but since 2010, the government has taken strong, tangible steps to diversify the economy and shift its focus to other revenue sources for long-term growth and development.


24 September 2019
The global economy has been witnessing a slowdown lately. In general parlance, an economy is considered to be in a recession when it contracts for two quarters consecutively, reflecting in the GDP along with other factors like employment rate, per capita income, etc.

Book Keeping: Why is it an integral part of your Company's Financial System?

10 July 2019

Timing Disruption: The Stepping Stone Strategy

20 August 2018
There are times when everything changes in business – when this happens it is often sudden, surprising and sometimes overwhelming. These moments are the strategic inflection points that can result in a company rocketing to success or being left behind.

People strategies for success in a rapidly shifting global climate

6 August 2018
  One issue stands out for every middle-market business that operates internationally: the struggle to find and retain the most skilled and innovative employees — those who will drive growth and company performance.

To thrive with machines, become more human: Four ways for business leaders to enable their workforce

23 July 2018
While some cry foul and worry about the woes of a ‘useless class,’ as the historian Yuval Noah Harari puts it, others welcome widespread automation because they consider most current human labour mind-numbing.

A learning curve: Kuwait's bid to boost funding into education

17 October 2017
Kuwait is keen on boosting investments in the private education sector as part of its economic diversification plans, but the varying standards of education, a preference among nationals for free public schools and reduced state spending could all hinder the market’s development, analysts say. 

How to recover from a job loss

10 October 2017
From coping with loans, rents and daily expenses to battling social stigma, family pressure and depression, it can be a huge struggle when you are laid off. But the key is to stay prepared and be practical

Tobacco demand to fall 40% after new excise tax

2 October 2017
100 per cent excise tax on cigarettes effective October 1 lauded by health and tax experts

Artificial intelligence: How it's transforming financial services in UAE

19 September 2017
Apart from enhanced customer service, any financial institution can use AI to enhance its competitive position.

Here’s everything important during corporate restructuring

12 September 2017
Here's a complete beginner's guide on what to do when your business undergoes corporate restructuring. 

Risk management is extra padding for business

30 May 2017
Risk management is the reinforcement your bed needs so you can have a good night's rest

The Upside-Down Pyramid of UAE Hospitality and Leisure Sector

18 May 2017
Mid-market options come knocking into the UAE hotel sector

Stop treating auditors as surplus requirements

21 September 2016
Local small businesses need to see value in having functional audit statements

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