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11 April 2018
A Guide to Doing Business in the United Arab Emirates

Ready or not, here comes VAT…

26 November 2017
Not ready for VAT?... Get ready to pay!

VAT in UAE and Saudi Arabia: What are the differences?

19 November 2017
VAT is being introduced into the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia from January 1, 2018

Time for a VAT realty check

12 November 2017
With effect from January 1, 2018, valued added tax (VAT) will be a reality in the UAE. As the real estate sector affects most expat lives in the UAE, let us take a look at the implications of the new levy on this industry.

UAE tourism gears up for VAT

24 October 2017
Following an announcement that Value Added Tax (VAT) will be implemented in the UAE from 2018, several tourism organisations have been hosting workshops to educate all travel segments about it.

A learning curve: Kuwait's bid to boost funding into education

17 October 2017
Kuwait is keen on boosting investments in the private education sector as part of its economic diversification plans, but the varying standards of education, a preference among nationals for free public schools and reduced state spending could all hinder the market’s development, analysts say. 

How to recover from a job loss

10 October 2017
From coping with loans, rents and daily expenses to battling social stigma, family pressure and depression, it can be a huge struggle when you are laid off. But the key is to stay prepared and be practical

Tobacco demand to fall 40% after new excise tax

2 October 2017
100 per cent excise tax on cigarettes effective October 1 lauded by health and tax experts

The 5 must-dos before VAT, from a Consumer-Perspective

25 September 2017
Here at RSM, we thought that for a change, we should look out for you and have made a list of 5 things you NEED to do to prepare for VAT in the UAE. 

Artificial intelligence: How it's transforming financial services in UAE

19 September 2017
Apart from enhanced customer service, any financial institution can use AI to enhance its competitive position.


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