At RSM, we use our financial and legal know-how to provide real-world solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes. However, we also translate these services to business owners and high net-worth individuals, reinterpreting processes and wealth management on an individual level. One area that we focus on for our private clients is family wealth.   

RSM’s private client and family wealth management services include the formulation of strategies by a dedicated team of professionals. They focus on working with you and your family in helping you manage and protect your assets, businesses, and real estate. 

Whether you are a business owner, executive or lead a family office, we know that you need practical, up-to-the-minute advice that factors all aspects of your individual tax position. From property and private equity investments to international business and charitable interests, questions you have around tax and family wealth management are addressed when you choose RSM. 

Our family wealth management services  

Our private client services team will work with you to provide practical family wealth solutions. They will make sure that you understand the economic and tax consequences of implementing investment, business structure and wealth transfer strategies to your family.  

We are committed to first focusing on your goals and then looking at the business, financial and personal issues that shape them. From there, we work with you to develop comprehensive, tailored and streamlined family wealth solutions that address your full range of needs. 

Areas we look at include assessing the family business. We specialize in advising and assisting family businesses in terms of tax and governance and can help you plan for the future. We understand that business succession is likely to be a key concern and that you will likely want to hand the reins over to a family member.  

This forms a key part of the family wealth management service we provide, and we look at your individual circumstances, analyzing your company with you, in order to make the best decisions for you, your family, and your business. To do this, we look at tax and legal aspects before providing tailored family wealth management strategies.  

We’ll also assess your current setup and give you family office management guidance too. This is designed to streamline business planning and create smooth processes for future generations.  

Family governance is also a significant area that the RSM team advises on. While you may want to keep the business in the family, not everyone may want to continue the tradition. Where once it was simple to establish legal and financial circumstances for the business, as some members of the family break away from the business, it is important to properly regulate the role of all family members who wish to be involved.  

Who will own the business? Who is allowed shares? Who has a say in its future? We can advise on family wealth management in these circumstances, tailoring our services to suit your individual needs. Our expert team will guide you through the legalities, the tax implications, and help you draw up a strategy in preparation for the next generation. 

As well as the business itself, we will guide you on how your other assets are managed among your family. Direction on property – or estate planning – is also included in the family wealth services we offer.  

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