Ahmed Bamadhaf
BA (Accounts) USA , Partner

Ahmed who is an Emirati national and a graduate from USA with an honours degree in Accounting and Business Administration has more than four decades of experience mainly in the Oil & gas industry, Private and Public sector in the fields of Accounting and Internal Audit.

In Yemen

Ahmed started his career in Aden with British Petroleum Company in their Aden Refinery as an Accounts Supervisor until 1972 when he moved to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


On leaving Aden, Ahmed worked as a Chief accountant in a contracting company owned by a member of the President's Consultative Council and with intensive influence and diversified business activities. The work involved managing the accounts together with managing the real estate activities that generated significant income to the Company.

In 1977 Ahmed moved to the Oil & Gas Industry when he joined the ABU DHABI GAS LIQUEFACTION COMPANY LIMITED (ADGAS). ADGAS was established as a joint venture between ADNOC, MITSUI, BP and TOTAL with the objective of purchasing Gas, producing LNG and LPG. Ahmed was the Finance Manager till 2001 dealing with some complex issues including negotiations with the Government on the tax levied on the Company and facilitating negotiations between the local and foreign shareholders on the pricing of Gas payments. In 2002, Ahmed moved to the position of Business Support Manager overlooking the Internal Audit Activities and becoming the single point of contact between the Company and its Shareholders. The position required an individual well conversant with the business as well as having relevant communication skills to support and help in narrowing the different business interests of the local and foreign shareholders. At the time Ahmed left the Company in 2007 the revenues were US$ 2 Billion with profits averaging US$ 0.5 Billion.

In 2007, Ahmed was head hunted by the DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT (DoT), a Government entity that was established in 2006 to put all the modes of transport in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi under one department. With the DoT, Ahmed holds the position of Internal Audit Advisor. He has established the Internal Audit Division in DoT and also assisted in establishing the Strategic Planning and Performance Management Division together with the Program Management Office (PMO).

Ahmed is duly licensed by the Ministry of Economy and registered in the Register of Auditors to practice as an Auditor in the UAE. He joined RSM Dahman in 2006 as Partner.