The reality of today’s IT landscape is that many midsize firms are bogged down with high costs and are continuing to focus more and more of their attention on reducing complexity in their IT infrastructure to mitigate these costs. Additionally, growing the business means having the right tools in place at the right cost.

While this requires innovation - but not on a continuous basis as the tools once implemented, will help business functionalities perform better. The need then is to have a regular appraisal in place to analyze and fine tune processes to match the business perform in an optimal manner. Generally, this role is played by the CIO. As the requirement is periodic and not continuous; organization can benefit by employing part-time CIO.

The part-time CIO will focus on delivering the right technical solutions and lowering the annual IT related expense – making sure that organizations are only paying for what your business needs by performing following functions:-

  • Proactively manage critical business systems and maintain optimal performance
  • Oversee security risks and safeguard confidential business and customer information
  • Plan and deploy backup and disaster recovery systems
  • Perform cost / benefit analysis to plan and design the right IT infrastructure
  • Manage IT infrastructure upgrade projects on-time and on-budget

RSM has pool of resources with expertise specific to your domain.

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