Data security has become of prime importance as businesses need to stay connected to the digital world at all times. This increases the vulnerability to an unauthorized intrusion that breaks through your IT network security. As business dependency on the internet increases, so do the IT security requirements to keep your business safe. 

RSM UAE can be brought in for our valuable information technology services to help protect your business. By making use of our global IT consultancy network, we can collaborate with your business to gain a thorough understanding of your IT systems. We can then leverage our expertise to identify key vulnerabilities within your network and provide IT security solutions to remedy the issue. 

Securing your business online 

While media reports typically only illustrate the dangers at large companies, small breaches are more frequent and cause the most damage. Small and midsize business (SMB) enterprises are at an acute risk; with information from high-net-worth individuals being extremely valuable to criminals, IT security solutions require a closer look to secure the data of your clients. 

SMB enterprises are often unable to detect when they have been breached. In many cases, this is due to the speed and complexity of the attack being considerably more advanced than the speed of the defense. With poor IT network security, breaches may remain undetected for considerable lengths of time, which can cause huge damage to organizations. The result could be compromising sensitive financial and customer information, making organizations more vulnerable to competition. 

Though the primary source of a data breach can be through unprotected or minimally protected data access, the data breach can also occur through unsupervised access to social media, unauthorized physical access by employees, or due to incorrectly implemented IT security policies. 

Protecting all businesses from IT breaches 

We help you secure your data and access by implementing IT controls through policies and processes. RSM UAE has a wide suite of IT security services that can cover key points within your business, including: 

-Access control 

-Change and incident management 

-Disaster recovery and business continuity 

-Data governance Training and development 


-Vendor management 

-Mobile security

Come to RSM for IT security solutions 

Whatever issue your organization is facing, with 57,000 staff and partners spread across over 120 countries, you can be sure RSM will provide you with high-quality IT security services. 

If you want to discuss what we could do for you, get in touch through our online form or send us an email. We can also be reached by phone at +9714 554 7423.