An overview of Mexican tax reform in 2022

15 March 2022
Prepared by RSM US Edgar Lopezlena, Mexico Practice Leader and International Tax Senior Director, Mario Montemayor, Senior Manager, Carol Adebowale, Senior Associate

Social security and labor regulations

9 November 2021
Labor laws relating to individual rights and  obligations are governed by detailed legislation.

Investment promotion regime

9 November 2021
Regulatory Framework 

Tax system

9 November 2021
Uruguay has adopted a territorial concept of taxation. This means that only Uruguayan-sourced income is taxed, irrespective of the nationality, residence of those who are part  of the transactions and despite the place where the business  takes...

Types of business entities

5 November 2021
Uruguayan law regulates practically all known legal forms of organization structure, including the formation of a new legal  entity or the installation of a subsidiary of a foreign entity.

Investing in Uruguay

5 November 2021
Uruguay’s solid and stable institutional framework gives it an  advantageous position to attract investment. In addition to a  reputation for social and economic stability, the country offers  a suitable framework for visitors, tourists and...