by Agustina Silva from the Consulting & Risk department of RSM UY.


Non-compliance due to obligation in the delivery of Control and Monitoring information to COMAP


On March 4, 2024, COMAP issues the following statement:


If non-compliance is verified in the delivery of the information to COMAP necessary for monitoring the project, the beneficiary will be granted a view of the non-compliance situation.


Once the deadline granted at the hearing has expired, if said information is not presented, the resolution of the Executive Branch will be revoked, or the project will be deemed to have been abandoned if it had not been issued, and therefore the exonerated taxes must be re-assessed, and pay the corresponding fines and surcharges.


It is recalled that according to article 11 of Decree No. 268/020, once the investment project has been presented, and even without the approval of the promotional declaration, the beneficiaries must present, within 4 months of the close of each fiscal year economic, including the presentation of the project, the corresponding control and monitoring information.