With our assurance services, the clue is very much in the name. As part of our wider audit and assurance framework, we produce assurance reports in regard to a variety of financial matters that add credibility to your financial information and offer expert analysis, observation and advice. Through proper risk assurance, you can create security at the very heart of your organization.

Far reaching assurance services that benefit your business

Assurance can mean any number of things to your organization. An audit to reveal vital and beneficial information to the business, a review to optimize your processes or quality assurance to ensure your initiatives are reaching the highest standards possible. Through rigorous analysis and a methodology refined over decades of experience in the global market, RSM’s assurance contributions can help create dynamic, value-added processes for your enterprise.

Our assurance services include:

·       Audit: Our internal and statutory audit services allow to examine your own financial framework to a point where you can understand the real challenges and opportunities currently present in your business. From there we can offer both reactive and proactive solutions to correct any internal inefficiencies for the future.

·       Review: Limited review reports offer less depth and assurance than a full audit, but still allow you to better assess areas such as company personnel and analytical procedures.

·       Compilation: Compilation engagements that include the preparation of financial statements as well as the collection and classification of other financial information.

·       Agreed upon procedures: We’ll create assurance reports according to your requirements impartially and allow you to make conclusions where you feel it’s appropriate.

·       Technology risk: Our technology risk solutions can help your business identify and manage the IT risks currently posed to your business, before they have a chance to make an impact.

·       Fraud: Our forensic assurance specialists can help you to create bespoke fraud prevention measures.

·       Further services relating to quality assurance, expert and independent reports, calculation and review of lost profits and emerging damages, capital increases and reductions, non-monetary contributions, merger projects, debt refinancing and other corporate transactions.

We build our risk assurance reports based on a number of key values - namely quality, integrity and objectivity. We also work to defined timelines in order to boost our own efficiencies of process and keep you cognizant on our progress.

How can we help you?

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