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Corporate Governance Newsletter - 2019.1 – NEW GOVERNANCE CODE

19 November 2019
The Corporate Governance Commission Corporate Governance has recently published a new governance code, the code 2020. As before, this code is to be considered as soft law. It is composed of 10 major principles that are compulsory. These principles are detailed into a number of provisions for which the “comply or explain” principle applies. 

Corporate Governance Newsletter 2016-02 Guidelines for an effective relationship between the audit committee, the internal audit and the external audit

21 August 2016
Guidelines for an effective relationship between the audit committee, the internal audit and the external audit objectives content Read more :

Corporate Governance Newsletter 2016-01 Audit Committee

8 January 2016
Sources of new elements concerning the audit committee European regulation related to public interest entities: independence of the statutory auditor European directive : relations with the statutory auditor   Read More

Governance Newsletter 6 - February 2013

1 November 2015
Gender Diversity and women on Boards. Presence of women on boards Proposal of the European Commission Impact of the presence of women among board of directors  

Governance Newsletter 5 - January 2013

1 November 2015
European action plan on corporate governance.

Governance Newsletter 4 - November 2012

1 November 2015
Practical rule for the evaluation of the external auditor. The audit committee should evaluate the work performed by the external auditor and recommends or not to retain the auditor. This evaluation should cover different areas :

Governance Newsletter 3 - October 2012

1 November 2015
Practical rule for the procedure regarding the nomination and reelection of the external auditor and in order to guarantee the quality and transparency of the external audit.

Governance Newsletter 2 - August 2012

1 November 2015
Listed companies have the obligation to include in their management's report a description of the main features of the company's internal control and risk management systems. In this respect, the Corporate Governance Committee has elaborated guidelines to assist companies with this description.

Governance Newsletter 1 - June 2012

1 November 2015
Remuneration report included in the Declaration of corporate governance Increased powers of the General Assembly of Shareholders Variable remuneration and compensation in shares of executive directors of listed companies Presence of both sexes in the board of directors composition

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