EFD-Reinf - Published layout 1.3

On January 2, 2018, the layout 1.3 of EFD Reinf was published in the SPED Portal.

The new EFD Reinf 1.3 layout brings with it 41 changes in the previous layout, 1.2, which are change of description in the form of validation and completion, inclusion of new fields / groups and even excluding some fields. To view the detailed changes, go to http://sped.rfb.gov.br/arquivo/show/2474.

It is extremely important to note that EFD-Reinf's implementation is segregated into groups, the first group being composed of companies with revenues in 2016, exceeding 78 million, beginning to send information in May 2018.

For the second group, composed of the other companies (except public agencies), the beginning of the obligation to send the information will be from November 1, 2018, and for the third group, composed of public agencies, as of May 1 of 2019.

Through its specialized team, RSM follows legislative, labor and social security changes and is ready to support its clients in compliance with the new legislation approved. 



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Leonardo Biar
Partner | Head of Labor and Social Security Areas
[email protected]