Alterations to Labor Reform - Closing of the validity of Provisional Measure nº 808/2017

On April 25, 2018 was published in the Official Federal Gazette, the Declaratory Act of the National Congress Board No. 22/2018 to announce the end of Provisional Measure No. 808/2017, valid since April 23rd, 2018, which regulated a few provisions of the Labor Reform. We highlight below the main changes:

  • the journey known as 12 x 36 can be signed by individual agreement;
  • moral and non-material damage limitation – as from 5 times up to 50 times the employees’ last compensation;
  • pregnant women remain with the possibility of working in unhealthy activities perceiving the respective additional, if authorized by hers physician;
  • Employees’ under intermittent agreement will be entitled to receive welfare (unemployment aid) and FGTS penalty, in case of termination.
  • The intermittent labor provisions, including the forbiddance of hiring a former employee before 18 months, were suppressed.

Throughout its specialized team, RSM follows the tax, labor and social security legislative changes and is available to support its clients to be in compliance with the new regulation.


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Leonardo Biar
Partner | Head of Labor and Social Security Areas
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