Caixa Economica Federal Circular No. 893/2020 - Requirement for FGTS to be collected to face the State of calamity brought by the New Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Today, March 25, 2020, CEF Circular No. 893/2020 was published in the Federal Official Gazette, which provides for the suspension of the enforceability of the FGTS payment of the competences from March to May 2020.


The Circular covers individual and corporate employers, and it is necessary to comply with the sending of information through SEFIP and eSocial until the 7th of the following month, with the due issue of the GRF (FGTS Collection Guide), and in cases of non-observance of shipping at the proper time, the government limited shipping until June 20, 2020.


In the case of contractual terminations, it will be mandatory to collect the amounts not collected at the proper time, and in the cases from March to May 2020, the employer may make the payment without penalty and charges.


Among the assumptions mentioned in the circular, it is defined that the values ​​from March to May 2020, not collected at the proper time, will be settled in 6 equal installments, with maturity on the 7th of the following month, starting on July 7, 2020, and it also postponed the term of the CRFs in effect on March 22, 2020, for another 90 days, confirming the understanding that the months from March to May 2020, will not be impeding the issuance of CRF.


The installment contracts will be based on a new circular yet to be published by CEF. Considering the urgency of more information regarding the impacts caused by Coronavirus on business routines, RSM is available to help solve any doubts for the adoption of best practices, duly based on current legislation.

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