EFD-Reinf's restricted production environment was made available on Sped's website.

Its use should be carried out initially by IT companies - IT, from July 17 to August 6, 2017. After this period, all other taxpayers will have access to this environment.

As a result, companies will have the opportunity to validate the adequacy of their systems for the transmission of information to EFD-Reinf in established establishments, which will begin in January 2018 for companies with a turnover of more than R $ 78 million and in July 2018 For the others.

For this, the developer handbook is available, with all guidelines for using the restricted environment.

Also available on the site is a communication channel with the support team to record the occurrences reported by companies that use the environment. There will not be a direct response to the taxpayer through this channel, but the questions received will be converted into a "Questions and Answers" that will be available in the "Frequently Asked Questions" link.

Through its specialized team, RSM follows legislative, labor and social security changes and is ready to support its clients to be in compliance with the new legislation approved.

Leonardo Biar

Labor and Social Security Leader

[email protected]