Was published in eSocial Portal the new EFD, informing that as form April 9th, 2018, the web version of eSocial was in production. The eSocial Web module is an auxiliary tool for the insertion of data in eSocial and was designed to allow companies to comply with legal obligations in situations of contingency or unavailability of their own software.

In its initial version, eSocial Web will only allow the consultation of the events sent by the companies' systems, through web service. Future releases will have the functionality of entering, changing, deleting, and rectifying events.

Another novelty is the coming into production of the rules of extemporaneous events, which are those informed outside the chronological order of their occurrence.
Throughout its specialized team, RSM follows the tax, labor and social security legislative changes and is available to support its clients to be in compliance with the new regulation.


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Leonardo Biar
Partner | Head of Labor and Social Security Areas
[email protected]