Law No. 13,982 / 2020 - Emergency Allowance Implementation and other changes.

On April 2, 2020, was published the Law N. 13,982/2020 prescribing some exceptional social protection measures to be adopted during the public calamity period imposed by the new coronavirus (Covid-19).


We list below the measures brought by the Federal Government.


  1. Sick Allowance related to the new coronavírus (COVID-19)


The first 15 days of employee's absence leave due to contamination by the new coronavirus (COVID-19), provided they are duly proven, may be deducted from the employer's social security contribution, limited to R$ 6,101.06.


  1. Emergency Allowance


Emergency allowance was settled in the amount of R$ 600.00, extended to all individuals without formal employment, being limited to two members of the same family.


The single-parent woman responsible for the family welfare will receive 2 quotas.


The benefit may be granted in 3 monthly and consecutive installments and will be granted to workers older than 18 years of age, without active formal employment, who are not enjoying social security aid, social assistance, unemployment insurance or family aid. The emergency allowance may replace the family aid in situations where it is more advantageous.


The beneficiary must have a monthly family income per capita of R$ 522.50 or a family income up to R$ 3,135.00. In addition, the individua cannot earned taxable income higher than R$ 28,559.70 in 2018.


  1. Continuous Cash Benefit Program (BPC)


Due to the state of public calamity imposed by the new coronavirus, the admission criteria for the Continuous Cash Benefit Program (BPC) appliance was extended to monthly family income per capita of R$ 522.50.




Considering the urgency of more information regarding the impacts caused by Coronavirus on business routines, RSM is available to help solve any doubts for the adoption of best practices, duly based on current legislation.

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