Ordinance No. 139/2020 - Changes the maturity period for social security payments

Today, April 3, 2020, Ordinance nº 139/2020, was published, that changed the maturity period of social security payments linked to the payroll of companies in general and domestic employees and the revenue earned by companies.


Summarizing the deadlines for the payment of the social security amounts of the domestic employee and payroll and revenue earned by the companies, inherent in the competencies of March and April, the competences of July and September 2020 are jointly paid.


For information, follow the contributions with changed deadlines:


  • Payroll

    • INSS (Social security contribution

      • 20% of the employer's social security quota;


  • Domestic Employer

    • 8% of the Employer's Social Security Quota;

    • 0.8% for the RAT


  • Revenue earned by companies

    • PIS / PASEP; and

    • COFINS.


It is important to note that the Ordinance does not deal with retained amounts and the RAT rate for corporate employers, which up to the present moment do not have an extension of the contribution maturity date, and the payment must remain within the routine terms.




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