On January 17th, 2018 was published on the website of the Federal Revenue Service the Ordinance MF No. 15/2018, which provides the update of the benefits paid by the Social Security (INSS). The main updates were:

  • Readjustment of 2.07% in the benefits paid by the INSS, as of January 1, 2018;
  • Readjustment in the social benefit family salary:
    • Monthly compensation up to R$ 877.67, family salary of R$ 45.00;
    • Monthly compensation of R$ 877.68 up to R$ 1,319.18, family salary of R $ 31.71.
  • Readjustment in administrative fines;
  • Readjustment in the progressive table applied to employees’:



Up to BRL 1,693.72


From BRL 1,693.73 to BRL 2,822.90


From BRL 2,822.91 to BRL 5,645.80


Cap of BRL 621.04



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Leonardo Biar
Partner | Head of Labor and Social Security Areas
[email protected]