Awards and Recognition

Insisting in the practice criterion  of “Independence, Objectiveness and Fairness”, depending on good professional activities, strict working style, practical working attitude and superior professional knowledge, we have obtained trust and support of client and competitors, and set up good professional image and brand effect.

Through many years of practice, we have accumulated extensive social resources and a wealth of information resources. We not only have built good communication channels with securities regulators, taxation departments, audit departments, State-Owned asset management departments or institutions, but also set up good working relationship with intermediary institutions such as Hualin Securities, Guoyuan Securities, Guoxin Securities, Guangfa Securities, Guojin Securities, Guangda Securities, Citic Securities, Xingye Securities, Haitong Securities and Huatai Securities, and law firms such as Guohao, Tianyin, Chengyi, Tanhe and Antaida.

For over 30 years, the firm has been inspected by the securities regulatory department, financial department, audit department, industry watchdog department and other related institutions. The reputation of our business has won widespread recognition and full affirmation from the China Securities Regulatory Commission and other related regulatory departments and has enjoyed social prestige throughout the accounting industry.

For the past years, RSM China has won various awards and recognition, such as the “top 5 Auditing Institutes” in “China Venture Capital/Private Equity Annual Awards of 2016”hosted by CV Capital, ranked No. 6 of “Top 10 IPO Auditing Institutes of 2015”hosted by NEW FORTUNE and STCN, and won the“top 10 VC/PE-backed Domestic IPO Auditing Firm of 2015”and “Top 10 VC/PE-backed NEEQ Auditing Firms of 2015”hosted by ZERO2IPO.