Our tax advisors work alongside you at every stage of your business lifecycle, sharing practical experience, knowledge and in depth understanding of China taxation, helping define the right overall tax position, designed for the complex China tax environment.

Our approach begins with understanding your company, your goals and your culture. With this in mind, we help you define, assess and implement effective tax strategies.

Corporate Business and China Tax Solutions

As your trustworthy business partner, our tax team can help optimize your investment structure in China and develop an effective tax compliance structure that enables you to navigate the daily routines. We also provide timely and effectively consultation on your ad-hoc tax inquiries, both for tax compliance and tax efficiency. 


Corporate Business and Tax Services

Transfer Pricing Solutions

  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Supply chain/value chain restructuring 
  • Intro-group payment settlement 
  • Transfer pricing risk assessment 
  • Transfer pricing documentation 
  • Transfer pricing controversy resolution 
  • Customs valuation controversy resolution 
  • Advanced pricing agreement (APA) 
  • Mutual agreement procedure (MAP) 
  • Tax arrangements for cost distribution 

Outbound Investment Related Tax Services

  • Tax and financing advisory on cross-border investments 
  • Cross-border tax due dilligence 
  • Tax advisory on dividen distribution and exit strategy 
  • Global transfer pricing planning and supporting services 
  • Assistance in global subsidiaries' compliance with international investing regulations 
  • Declaration, review and guidance services 

Tax Controversy Solutions

  • Communication with local authorities for special approval, position or suggestions 
  • Assistance in communication between client and tax authorities to speed up the process 
  • Negotiation with tax authorities for achieving agreement on tax controversy 
  • Appealing to tax assessment or requiring reassessment 
  • Assistance in tax inspection and tax audit performed by tax authorities 

M&A Related Supporting Services

  • Pre-transaction planning 
  • Tax due diligence 
  • Restructuring and optimization 
  • Stock transfer agreement review 
  • Handover of tax related documents 
  • Post-transaction implementation 

Tax Filing Special Verification and Agency

  • Tax certification service in relation to property loss 
  • Tax certification service in Land value-added tax 
  • Tax certification service in real estate enterprise's tax adjustment 
  • Tax certification service in R&D deduction and New High-Tech Enterprises status 
  • Other tax certification services 

Customs and International Trade

  • AEO application and review 
  • Business optimization with bonded model 
  • Advanced rulings application
  • Customs valuation/classification controversy 
  • Import/Export health check 
  • Supply Chain integration and automation 
  • Export value-added tax refund 

IPO Supporting Services

  • Stock options incentives and structuring design based on tax planning 
  • Structuring and operating process planning 
  • Tax model simulation and rationalization 
  • Evaluation and clearance of tax risks 
  • Communication with tax authorities for agreement on special subjects such as transfer pricing 

Outsourcing Services

  • Tax filing and accounting services 
  • Cash management services 
  • Tax filing 
  • Payroll services and expense related consulting services 
  • Outsourcing services for private equity 
  • Corporate secretarial services 

Global Employment Tax and Personal Tax Services

  • Expatriate tax services - Policy risk assessment 
  • Compensation package restructuring 
  • Cost projection and analysis 
  • Individual income tax advisory 
  • Declaration of Individual Income Tax (IIT) 
  • Registration for stock option incentives 
  • Application for tax residence certificate 
  • Application for preferential tax treatments 
  • Tax inspection and compliance services 
  • Application for work permit/work visa 
  • Split payroll services 
  • Individual tax consulting 
  • International investment advisory on global basis 
  • Personal asset allocation and tax advisory services 


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