China is the world’s second largest economy and the largest country in the world by population, with over 100 cities of more than a million people. For the past few decades, it has been considered a land of opportunities for foreign investors who were attracted by its growing consumer market, low labor costs and developed infrastructure.  

Watch Jessie Yang (RSM China) share her insights on foreign investment opportunities and key considerations for businesses operating in China, with Michalina Niedroszlanska (RSM Poland) in the first part of this series. 

In this video Jessie and Michalina discuss:  

- The opportunities foreign investors may take advantage of when entering the China market 

- Jessie identifies the challenges they may face and how to plan ahead  

- The steps to be taken before entering the market  

- Common risks areas from a Tax perspective  

- Covid-19 policies and measures aimed at supporting foreign-funded enterprises to resume work and production

Foreign direct investments has hit the record high in Poland in 2021, pushing the country to the top 3 destinations for FDI in the EU. Poland has been a key location for FDI in the Eastern Europe for many years due to its stable economy, skilled labour force and advantageous location. The number of Chinese investments in Poland has been growing since Poland joined the European Union in 2004 with most Chinese investors in Poland either engaged in trade or in the industrial sector. 

Watch Piotr Liss (RSM Poland) share his insights on the investment environment for Chinese investors in Poland, with Solene Fargeix (RSM China) in the second part of this series.

In this video Piotr and Solene discuss: 

- The outline of the tax system in Poland 

- An overview of the tax incentives available for foreign investors 

- Piotr lists the annual reporting obligations in Poland 

- What should Chinese companies do to mitigate the risk related to their investments in Poland