Businesses in difficulty


In order to remain competitive in an ever-changing competitive environment, businesses must undertake complex cross-disciplinary transformation and restructuring projects in record time. However, as ongoing requirements must continue to be met, the operational teams cannot be fully mobilised and external support is often of great assistance in bringing these projects to fruition. Combining specialist technical skills with our expertise in consultancy and change management, we are able to assist you in situations of various types.

How can fraud or court proceedings be prevented or dealt with?
How should the sale of under-performing or non-strategic business activities be managed? 
How can you ensure integration of your acquisitions?  

Dealing with circumstances of fraud, crisis or more generally of loss of control and trust

Obtaining assistance to prevent difficulties or during court proceedings

Disposing of your under-performing/non-strategic business activities

Being prepared for post-deal integration of your acquisitions

Managing cessation of trading and voluntary liquidation