Human resources consultancy

Providing global and individual support in relation to all social security and payroll issues affecting your business

The life of your business is punctuated by its strategic choices and the constraints of its competitive environment which can quickly and radically affect its organisation and the structure of its human resources. The business must be able to strengthen its competitive position and retain its best aspects in the face of constant changes to the regulatory environment. Accordingly, the HR function needs more than ever before to focus on its core business: the recruitment and management of skilled staff. This need can be met by seeking external assistance with the management of certain technical matters or by delegation of certain time-consuming activities with minimal added value.   

  • Do you need help with incorporating the constant changes to employment law into the drafting of your employment contracts?
  • Are you looking for expert external assistance with drafting your contracts and dealing with the most complex contractual clauses?
  • Have you recently acquired a foreign company and wish to draft contracts complying with local law?

Consultancy and assistance with payroll processing

We can manage your payroll internally or can provide in-house support, making our resources available to you together with tools setting up a shared portal and facilitating management of staff absences. Our teams will adapt to the specific characteristics of your company to make your daily tasks easier.

Assessing, improving and optimising your payroll procedures

We will conduct an analysis of the operation of your payroll department and optimise payroll where necessary, offering you solutions tailored to your needs in view of your business activity and staff numbers

Assistance and consultancy with human resources management

We can deal with the administrative steps (obtaining help), recruitment, departures, absences, training, elections of staff representatives. We can also analyse the operation of your personnel management system and identify any regulatory oversights (disclosure of registers) and suggest action plans.

Auditing and managing your internal processes

Within the framework of a payroll audit, we ensure that your payroll, declarations and contributions are compliant.

In a social security audit, we are committed to ensuring that all of your individual and collective duties are adhered to and that your duties to your staff are fulfilled.

Our aim is to identify any anomalies with a view to offering you an action plan in preparation for a potential employment tribunal claim, a URSSAF audit or an employment inspectorate audit.

Incorporating a payroll and HR Management software package

Our specialised teams will help you to choose and set up your payroll or HR Management software package.