Transformation of the finance function


In an uncertain economic climate, the finance function is central to the company's strategic direction. Consequently, the finance director plays the role of preferential partner and is required to share the benefit of his/her expertise in the various transformation projects of the business by optimising economic value, implementing shared service centres, performance management and adapting to accounting and regulatory developments.
With the benefit of the diversity of its teams’ operational expertise, RSM will assist you at each stage and with each aspect of your projects relating to transformation of the finance function

Are you looking to optimise your accounting and financial process with a view to accelerating and enhancing the reliability of your reports?
Are you looking to produce and share accounting and financial information securely, and to choose the most suitable system for doing so?
Are your financial processes inefficient, ineffective and in need of an overhaul if you are to provide information of optimum quality?

Transforming the finance and accounting functions in order to achieve faster turnaround and meet the constraints of the various stakeholders 

Transforming the finance and information systems functions by choosing and then helping to implement systems tailored to your strategic considerations

Transforming decision-making processes