In the ever changing Israeli and international business environment abundant with reforms and crises in global economic landscape, a modern organization has to deal with multiple interfaces and successfully maneuver between them. Dynamic business climate, pursuit of high-quality management and economic growth require a profound understanding of all factors affecting the business, as well as expertise and professionalism, while the competitive advantage is achieved by introducing advanced work methods and innovative tools.

RSM is one of the six world-leading firms in areas of audit, taxation, and economic and business consulting services.

The firm runs its business in about 120 countries and employs hundreds of thousands of partners and employees, all of whom are top professionals in their field.

In Israel, the firm has about 170 multidisciplinary experts, who live and breathe the local business arena and are well-acquainted with global trends, thus capable of making the firm’s global knowledge accessible to you in order to provide solutions in accordance with the complex and unique needs of every client and help them achieve better business results.

RSM Israel provides professional services to the private, public and government sectors – about 2,500 clients in total. The firm’s top-quality human capital, the structure of its clusters, the resources at its disposal, its professional employees, as well as its innovative approach across all areas, allow it to handle any task, while providing excellent service quickly and efficiently.

Being a part of a large international network, RSM  Israel stands on fertile ground for cooperation and  establishment of high-quality international business relations, which contribute greatly to the advancement and development of our clients’ businesses worldwide.


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